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About Us

As a teen and adult who has periodically struggled with self-love and nurturing, I always come back to something my mom once told me.

“When it feels difficult to care for yourself, pretend that you’re taking care of a younger version of you. Feed her when she’s hungry and love her even more when she feels like she doesn’t deserve it. Take care of yourself just like you’d take care of her.”

To this day, those words have served me well. 

Many people carry or display a child-version of themselves for the same reasons. It’s a gentle reminder that we came into this world WHOLLY worthy of love and compassion. Nothing has changed. Regardless of our choices, circumstances, or experiences, LOVE is our birthright.

This picture lives on the wall above my laptop.

AND now I carry this in my wallet as a gentle reminder to be kind to myself.

I hope your Inner Child ID can provide you with a tangible representation of who you truly are and what you deserve.

Carry your Self-Love License as a reminder that when you say mean things to yourself, you’re also talking to the younger versions of you. 

Here’s to taking care of yourself right now, with kindness and compassion, just like you’d care for the younger versions of you.